How to make your computer running faster.

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For all friends just look back and remember when we have loot of thing to do with our computer sometime our computer look like no energy at all and we have to wait so long even just to open microsoft office word which we will use to make our home work or some other program and software.

Now I will show you step by step how to do it.

Step 1.

Use your  clean up software like system mechanic which you can get in google search for free download software.

Step 2.

Open system mechanic software and click on CLEAN-GET RID OF JUNK FILES-START SCAN when stop system mechanic searching junk files click REMOVE and chose remove all listed files click yes and close.

Step 3.

Back to CLEAN-CLEAN UP YOUR TRAKS-check up all in box under GENERAL.INTERNET HISTORY-INTERNET EXPLORER-AOL and OTHER. Click execu and click OK-exit.

Step 4.

Back to system mechanic and chose FIX-FIX REGISTRY PROBLEMS and under Registry cleaner & optimizer check all box and click SCAN REGISTRY  wait and click REMOVE and chose remove all entriesand yes and exit

Step 5.

Back to system mechanic and chose OPTIMIZE-STURT UP MANAGER-delete all program which start automatic when you start windows system.

Ok. Now we can little bit have air to breath cause for sometime our computer run vary smoth and faster than ever. Next time I will show you how to make our computer run faster without other software except the program which we already have in our windows system. See you have a try and good luck.


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