Some Humor and Silly Stuff

Why are their 7 Dwarfs not 6 so if You Doubled them You get an even Dozen. Add One more for a Bakers Dozen

How much in a Bunch, if we know 12 is in a Dozen.

What do we call a Russian in a Hurry.

What did Geronimo the Famous Amercian Indian Warrior say if He Jumped out of a Plane. As We say Geronimo as We Jump from a Plane

A Gross is also 144 in a Quanity Count is that so Ugly.

If the shortest Distance between two Points is a Straight Line, is that in Inches, Feet or Miles.

What is the Wing Span of a Monarch Butterfly, is that an Arican or European Butterfly.

Do Chinese People in China Eat Food on China Made in China

If a Dollar equals 100 Cents is that many Pennies for Your Thoughts like a 100 of them. what is that Nice

Scent on the One Dollar Bill You sometimes get.

Why is Madison Square Garden so Round and where is the Garden.

There are no Fortune Cookies in China, it an American Food Made in San Francisco, California

Where is Davey Jones Locker and What is Inside after all these Years.

Is the Cost of Living Exact and How does He or She Know How much Everything will Cost. is that with or without


Do People Live by some Body of Water do they Pay to the External Revenue Service.

What does the K in Kellogs K Cereal stand for.

What type of Doctor does a Doctor go to if He or She gets Sick.

Where does a Dentist go also if He or She needs Dental Work.

If He or She does the Work by Themsleves, Do they Bill Themselves.

If a Camel is considered a Ship of the Dessert, can it Travel or Swim on Water.

Did Sigmund Freud the Great Psychiatrist like Fried Foods.

Where did the Number 101 come from as we use it as make beleive place that doesn’t exsist like English, Math 101

What Happend to Smokey the Bear and Mr.Clean.

Does Yogi the Bear like Yogurt and Yoga.

Where is Booboo’s Booboo if Yogi’s Little Bear Friend get Hurt

Why was Rosie the Robot from the Jetson’s Cartoon so Cool.

Did Elroy Jetson ever Grow Taller and did He ever get Older in the since the Cartoon was First Run on Tv

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