The Prague Card

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During my recent trip to Prague my friends and I decided that the best way to see as many things as possible for as little as possible was to buy the Prague card.

A full list of what you can do with the Prague card is available at the website ( so I’m not going to list every single thing that the pass will get you but there are a lot of attractions available.

The pass entitles you to four days worth of free passes into the attractions listed on the website and in that time there is no way that you will be able to see absolutely everything. I consider this to be a good thing because it means you have a lot of choice. For the £25 that it cost me to buy this card (please not that the price changes due to exchange rates etc.) I was basically entertained for four days and didn’t have to pay a single penny more to get into the places that I wanted to see. I wasn’t interested in everything that was available to me so if there had only been enough attractions to last for the four days I would have been very disappointed. As it was we had a good choice of what we wanted to do.
I do think that it would be better if you could choose the length of time that you had the card for and pay accordingly because I personally would have had an extra day just to do a few more things that I didn’t get a chance to do.

The saving in money was not a huge amount because attractions aren’t very expensive in Prague compared to some other cities but I think it’s so much more relaxing to know that you can go to all of those places without having to worry about money.

We did have some trouble actually getting the card. On the website there is a list of places where you can get the card, fortunately one of these was close to where we were staying. Unforrtunately they didn’t actually sell the card so we had to go to the tourist information (which was a bit further away) and buy it there.
So, if you do decide to get a Prague card go straight to tourist information and buy it there.

The second problem that we had was that the information on the website was not consistent with the information in the book so while I thought that we had access to certain things it turned out that we didn’t. This was very disappointing. Most of the information on the website is accurate but if you do buy the card I would ask to read through the guide book first to make sure that everything that you want to see that’s on the website is in the book.

The Prague card comes with a booklet that has your vouchers in (you will need these for some of the attractions), a map and information about what you have access to. In addition to this there are some discount vouchers.
The map was not a great map but it did get us from A to B so I can’t really complain.
The guide book was wonderful. The attractions are sorted by area so you know that those are the ones that you can visit around the same time. I found this really useful for planning my time (and if you want to get the most out of the Prague card then you should plan your time, especially as not everything is open every day).
For all of the attractions everything that you really need to know is listed, opening times, the usual cost of entry (although in some cases this wasn’t accurate), the nearest metro station and a little blurb about the attraction.


I would recommend buying the Prague card if you are interested in the attractions that the pass will get you into and if you plan to sightsee for the entire four days. If you only do three days or less then it’s probably cheaper to buy individual tickets.
But you should buy it at the tourist information and not look for the other outlets and ask to look at the booklet first.

I had an amazing time in Prague and the Prague card really made my trip much easier (I didn’t have to worry about paying to get into places and the guide book really helped me decide what to do and when to do it).

Cost: 790 crowns (about £25 when I was there). Travel passes and student discounts are available.


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