Review of Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night by Kresley Cole

This book is the third in Kresley Cole’s paranormal romance series, Immortals After Dark.
The book begins slightly before the end of the last book, during the Hie, a competition that immortals can take part in every five hundred years. The prize will allow the winner to travel back in time, twice.
Bowen, a Scottish werewolf, lost his mate a long time ago and has spent every moment since trying to find a way to bring her back. The lykae (werewolves) only have one mate and live to find that mate, when they lose their mates they usually kill themselves but for some reason Bowen never did.
Mariketa is a witch and not just any witch. She was born with powers from all of the different types of witches and is supposed to bring down their biggest, most powerful enemy. But she isn’t yet immortal.
Although she is still mortal and can’t control her powers she has entered the hie, a dangerous competition, and during the hie makes an enemy of Bowen who is struggling with the fact that he is attracted to Mariketa and feels like she is his mate. Mariketa returns the attraction and there the story begins…

When I started reading this book I wanted something that was easy to read, didn’t require much thought and made me feel good. This book was perfect for that.

Everything about this book makes it easy to read. The chapters are very short, the plot is easy to follow and it doesn’t contain anything that’s difficult to understand. I felt that this was a big strength of the book. Of course, if you’re looking for something to stretch your brain then this certainly isn’t the book for you but if you just want something light and easy then I would highly recommend this book.

During the first part of this book I thought that the ending was going to be really predictable and I thought that I could see where it was going but I was completely wrong and this was a great surprise for me. I hate being able to guess the end of the book. There are twists and turns throughout the book that keep you wondering what’s going to happen next so it was definitely have you on the edge of your seat.

I have been following this series from the first book and so far I liked this one best. This book really developed the world that Kresley Cole created and gave you a clearer picture of what is going on in the immortal world. It introduced a number of characters from races that have only been mentioned before and I felt that the development of these characters enriched the world. It also made me quite excited about coming books because I know that two of the characters who were in this book are going to feature heavily in future books.
As always Kresley Cole’s world building is great and always leaves you wanting to find out just a little bit more about the world and craving the next book in the seires.

I did like the two main characters in this book and felt that they were very well matched. Mariketa is quite fiesty and more than capable of dealing with the dominant, occasionally domineering Bowen. But I don’t think that these characters were anything remarkable. They worked well in this story but weren’t particularly memorable. I guess in many ways they were just your average paranormal hero and heroine. Dominant, powerful hero meets feminine but strong heroine who is made vulnerable some how (in this case because she was still mortal). It’s a very common formula in romance novels but then if it works and people like it why not use it? It certainly didn’t take away from the book in anyway.

I did enjoy the plot of this book and as always don’t want to give too much away about it. I like that Kresley Cole’s heroines have other people in their lives because too often in paranormal romances the heroine is isolated from everyone but the hero and that always leaves me feeling like there’s something lacking in their lives. Mariketa has a full and happy life that is enriched by her relationship with Bowen and I liked that.

The only real criticism I have is that Bowen sometimes uses American expressions when he is supposed to be Scottish and over a millenia old and it seems out of character.

This book isn’t an amazing piece of literature but it is exactly what it should be: A fun romance novel with a great world and a plot that keeps you guessing.

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