Review of Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging

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I have been reading the series of books that this film is based on for years, they are some of the funniest books that I’ve ever read and even though they are written for teenagers I recommend them to all of my friends. So, when this film was released I had really high hopes for it. I expected that like the books it would be a comedy about the life of a teenage girl.
Unfortunately it was a big disappoint for me.

The film focuses on Georgia Nicolson, a fourteen year old girl whose father has moved to New Zealand and who has a crush on a boy in the year above her who is already dating another girl. The film is about Georgia’s attempts to win Robbie.

The film focuses almost exclusively on Georgia’s quest for Robbie, which isn’t much different from the book but by focusing almost exclusively on this part of the story the film misses out so many other things, such as her relationship with her friends and family which in my opinion made up some of the funnier parts of the books.
There are many things from the books that are missing from the film which of course you expect but it seems that they cut out the most amusing parts of the book.
The characters are a lot different in the films than they are in the books and in my opinion they are a lot less amusing.

In some cases changing things from the book when you make it into a film is a good thing and there were certain changes in this film that I thought worked better, such as sending them to a mixed sex school because it made it easier for the storyline to flow but there were other things that I felt should have stayed the same because the changes that they made just turned a really funny book into an average teen romance movie.
Some of the funnier characters from the books are cut out as are some of the funnier events. Other characters, like Dave the Laugh are completely ruined and turned into something entirely different to what they were in the books. Even the romance story between Georgia and Robbie is different to the one in the books, with a bigger focus on the romantic parts and less focus on the funny events surrounding their relationship. I honestly don’t see why this film was based on the books, they may as well have just written an entirely different story.

I think that the main issue for me is that they basically changed the genre. What should have been a comedy was turned into another teenage type film. This film made me laugh a couple of times, and the opening scene had me laughing so much that I thought that the film was going to be really good but for the most part it wasn’t very funny.

If you are looking for a film along the lines of Wild Child or that kind of film then you will probably enjoy this. Unfortunately for me that’s not my kind of film and I didn’t particularly like this film. As I’ve said, I was expecting a comedy and I feel very disappointed because I felt that there was so much potential for this film to be great because of the books that it is based on.

Having said all of that my sister is also a big fan of the books and she loved this film so just because you’re a fan of the books doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy this film. It’s just not my cup of tea.


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