Motivation Up With Exercise

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Self-motivation was the encouragement of confidence in themselves to win. This is established by the ideals and big dreams that will motivate people to achieved. The story of the successful beginning of a dream that is implemented in a series of day-to-day activities.Dreamland will be useful also for many people. Values of spirituality with the gush in the person’s self-confidence and add that God is close to himself.
In addition, the confidence to win should always be embedded in the mind and heart. God created human beings in the form of life. We believe that the addition was created to worship Him, God also created to provide prosperity, welfare and amicability.Therefore, the optimism of the will the target of success.

Someone must have the goal of the confidence that comes close to God and assist through the conscience. Encouragement conscience akan this is easy to know when we have a clean heart. Confidence that God near and dear to us will be encouraged to provide the very conscience of the optimism of birth in turn to reach our goal. Exercise is a guide to what should and what dituju should consist.

Robert K. Cooper Phd explain that the heart of values that we terdalam, change it from something that we think we become a Go. Heart is able to know things which can not, or can not be known by our minds. Exercise is a source of courage and spirit, integrity and commitment. Exercise is a source of energy and feeling of depth that requires us to do the learning, creating a partnership, lead, and serve.

Motivation comes from the encouragement of conscience or conscience and confidence that God is always near akan emit values of spirituality. Values of spirituality motivation will be delivered in a positive motivation, motivation is loaded with a series of steps to optimism and spiritual success.

Prof. Danah Zohar and Prof.. Ian Marshall of Harvard University and Oxford University out of the spiritual intelligences in his book “Spiritual Quotient (SQ).” They both describe the spiritual intelligences associated closely with the issue of the meaning of life. According to him, the spiritual intelligences can assess the steps someone living more meaningful than others. So life is not just empty without a clear meaning.

Then, Wolf Singer, Michael Persinger and Ramachandran VS God Spot find the function that is integrated in the human brain. Spot God as the man to continue to explore the meaning of life. Memaknai a successful human life with spirituality akan motivate themselves to take actions that best, far from doing mendholimi other people, and spread good fortune in reaching dream.

Meanwhile, according to Stephen P. Robbins in his book “Organizational Behavior,” in the motivation there are three main elements, namely intensity, direction, and persistence in achieving individual goals. So self-motivation will grow if the integrity of positive intensity, direction and persistence in achieving goals can be realized.

In addition, confidence that God will be near birth optimism that a positive attitude towards success and the values of spirituality that provides benefits for many people. Dream that was achieved kemaslahatan sow. Executive Director of the Integrative Medicine Initiative in Michigan USA, Patricia Megregan says, “Spirituality is where people find meaning in their lives. It’s something higher than themselves, though out necessarily attached to religion. ”


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