How I Make Cash Fast and Easy on Craigslist

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The easiest way I know to make money is helping people move. Just a few minutes ago, I met a man at a storage facility and helped him carry a tanning machine into his unit. Apparently a woman had a tanning business and it bombed. So he had to pick it up and drive it from Atlanta to Charlotte. I post an advertisement on craigslist and the man called me last night. Today I made $25.00 for 45 minutes of work.

Last weekend I made $80.00 helping a couple and their children move. They were from Arizona and decided to move back. In the meantime they needed to put their stuff in storage. They needed two strong guys, so I checked on craigslist and found this man named James. James does the same type of jobs as me. We met at the customer’s house and lifted a couch and love seat into the moving truck. They also had a washer and dryer that we had to carry down a flight of stairs with a hand truck. In addition, there was a King size mattress. Once everything was loaded into the truck, we followed the customer to a storage facility and unloaded it all.

You can make money fast by helping people move. Last week I made $194 on four jobs. Another quick way is to use my Honda Pilot to move small furniture items. I love this type of work because you meet a lot of people and make quick cash. Try it out!


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