I’m Creating ‘Beach Money’!!

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I started a home business in 2006 while my husband and I were planning our wedding.  It started off wonderful with the help of my sponsors and I loved how enthusiastic they were about creating residual income and helping others do the same.  I knew how well they were doing with their business and that really drove me to keep pressing on.  I never gave up with my first home business but it just wasn’t “working” for us.  I knew that I wanted to create residual income and leave the “working world” and work from home with my husband.  I was so determined to find the right company and product to work with.  I did tons of research and talked with my co-workers and family about it, but they all just looked at me like I was crazy and that there is no way I could work from home and make the kind of money that I was talking about!  They all believe that you have to work until you reach retirement age and then you retire to realize that you spent your entire life just working for retirement and then when you reach retirement you have no idea what to do with yourself or you have no money saved up to stay retired!!  No, not me!!  I will be retired by the age of 30 and plan on living my life the way that my husband and I want to! 

Then in March of 2008 I was researching coffee businesses and came across a home business with coffee and was talking with some one that was a distributor with this company and saw at the bottom of their email they had a link to Win a Free Candle!  That link caught my eye and I clicked on it and started researching about a wonderful candle company based in Wilkes-Barre, PA.  Not too far from our home.  I love candles and burn them all the time but my husband didn’t like all the black soot that they were producing on our white apartment walls.  So I read all about this company and the “Virtually Soot-Free” candles they offered that are made from Natural Vegetable Wax and are triple scented the whole way through.  So I emailed the distributor whose website I was on and asked lots and lots of questions before I decided that this business was “the one” for us.  That very same day I signed up, my own website was up and running and in a day or two my starter kit arrived!  I handed out the votives that came with it to my friends and family and I burned the “Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper” Jar at home and loved it!! My husband even loved it!  So I was working our newly loved Candle Business and was talking with my sponsor and her upline leader about how to grow our business and create the “Beach Life” that we want so badly.  Then my upline leader mailed me a copy of her book called “Beach Money” by Jordan Adler.  I fell in love with this book because it was exactly what I want to do with my life and it told me how to do it using our home business!  Now I live by this book and tell everyone about it! 

I hope to be an inspiration to the people around me that want to work from home, want to quit their jobs that they hate, or to anyone that just needs something different in their lives, something to work for!  Anyone out there that is looking for a “Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme” isn’t going to find one.  You have to want to work for what you want and believe that you will achieve it!  After reading the book “Beach Money” I also started reading and learning about the “Law of Attraction” and found that it’s true!!!  I can achieve and have whatever it is that I want in life!!  You can too!!  Stop living paycheck-to-paycheck and start LIVING!!  If you Want It…You can Have it!  Work for it and it will be yours!!  Believe that you already are living the life that you dream of and you will LIVE it!! 

“The biggest mistake people make in life is not making a living at doing what they most enjoy.” – Malcom S. Forbes (1919-1990)


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