Varna Vibhaga: Classification by Contribution and Birth

Vibhaga or classification based on contribution to the society.

Brahmana Karma – A person whose life is confined to scriptures, scriptural teaching and acts up to be a psychiatrist of the society.

Kshatriya Karma – An action which involves all kind of public service like defending the country, ruling the land, policing the land and providing for the people is a Kshatriya Karma. In ancient times it was a job of the king, now the the job is refined to public service.

Vaishya Karma- All form of commercial activities, all business activities needed for the function of the economy is known as Vaishya Karma.

Shudra Karma- Skilled or unskilled labour following the leadership with no motivation to lead is known as Shudra Karma.

Jathi Vibhaga or classification based on Birth

Birth is called Jathi hi in Sanskrit. Based on the birth a person can be Jathi Brahmana, Jathi Kshatriya, Jathi Vaishya & Jathi Shudra.

Vedic interpretation is necessary in the modern times to maintain relevance of the scriptures. An example on the classification: A person born as a Jathi Brahmana assumes a public office to be satisfy Kshatriya Karma, accumulates wealth to become a Gunah Vaishya.

In Jathi Vibhaga all are equal nobody can be superior by birth, all jobs are important for the functioning of an economy and all personalities manifest a society.

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