Should parents bring baby to the movie theater?

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When a much awaited and hyped movie is released , you immediately rush to the theatre to witness the movie , perhaps in the company of your friends or spouse.Even though you are a businessman with a tight schedule, still you may have an irresistable thirst to witness the movie in a theatre, for more than one reason;Being a new release, you have no chance to witness the movie from your home since it is not available in the CD format;You have the desire to enjoy the movie in an air-conditioned theatre in a cool and chilly atmosphere with the DTS or Dolpy sterio sound system;to witness the visual effects of the movie in a real life atmosphere and enjoy the experience;Hence you have decided to go to a theatre,which have all these facilities where the newly released movie is running.

You have preferred to go to the movie along with your spouse, your better half.But she has a six months old baby to look after Now your dilemma is whether both of you have to go to the theatre along with your baby.or leaving it at your home.

If you leave your baby at home in charge of somebody, perhaps your neighbour or a third party for a few hours, you may not be able to concentrate or enjoy the movie, because the very thought of your baby may be constantly worrying you, whether the baby is asleep or awake or whether it whimpers or plays, whether the baby is crying or rather craving for your breast feeding or the person with whom the child is entrusted feeds the baby with the milk from the feeding bottle etc etc.Moreover, the person with whom you have entrusted your baby is only a third party, say your neigbour;so you have some doubts as to how well they will look after your baby, though it may be only for a few hours, because they may not bestow the same love and affection that you shower upon your baby.

However, you have an insatiable thirst to go for the movie along with your wife.At the same time you are unwilling to leave your baby incharge of somebody. Hence you have decided to go to witness the movie in the theatre along with with your baby.

However, the moment you enter the theatre and getting seated, you feel somewhat relaxed because your baby is asleep.Bang, the movie gets started with the full sound effects of DTS.Your baby gets jolted and wakes up; It starts to whimper because it is not used to hear such a high sound at home;Your wife goes out from the theatre with the crying baby traversing the darkness and tries to console and stop the crying baby.Meanwhile, Helium – Where Knowledge Rules.

you can hear somebody sitting nearby you, in the theatre murmurs: “Irresponsible idiots.Are these people not ashamed to bring a baby to a theatre, causing disturbance to others?”.Of course, the very same words reach your sharp ears, but you simply squirm about in your seat, because you cannot even see the person who is making such comments and above all you don’t want to create any scene apart from what is actually running in the real screen.

After spending a few minutes outside the theatre, the baby gets somewhat pacified and restored to normalcy, in the absence of any sound.Once your wife returns back to her seat along with the baby, again the baby starts crying.Now, it is your turn to go out with the baby to pacify it, besides causing disturbance to the other viewrs in the theatre.You are walking in the verandah, but still the baby is going on crying.After a few minutes, your wife comes out and gets the baby from you and both of you go inside the theatre;in order to stop the crying baby your wife begins mother feeding.However, the baby having not inured to a chilly and sound atmosphere, refuses mother feeding also and continues crying.Your wife has no other go but to leave the theatre.The net result is neither you nor your wife can enjoy the movie.Neither you nor your wife know what is the movie all about.

Therefore, nothing wrong when you want to go for a movie with your wife.But if you decide to bring your baby to the theatre, think twice before taking such a decision.When both of you decide to go for the movie along with your baby, neither you nor your baby will have a pleasant experience, not to speak of the disturbance that you cause to others inside the theatre, because the well being of your baby predominates both of you.

Therefore, when you have a baby, still you are very much interested in seeing a movie in a theatre, it is better to entrust the baby with any responsible person like a grandma at home, because she is your blood relation and may take more care in looking after your baby and you can go for and enjoy the movie with a relaxed mental frame of mind.If you do not have any elder at home particularly a close relative, it is always better not to go for a movie in a theatre along with your baby.


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