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The words ‘gaming’ and ‘animation’ are best known to the Gen X these days. Just say ‘game’ and you will get a thesarus opened in front of you. Video games, TV games, online games, computer games, mobile games, … and the list continues till eternity. Racing games, fighting games, educational games, bricks, jigsaw, treasure hunts, mysteries, quizes, chess … and this too is endless.
‘Animation’ too is making its presence felt. With the first animation movie ‘Hanuman’ and then followed by ‘Bal Ganesha’ and others many have followed and will follow. Young children and kids are the obvious targets. Some of the movies like ‘Hanuman’ and ‘Bal Ganesha’ have used mythological subjects. Not only movies but there are 24/7 hour channels targetting the kids. Some producers are thinking seriously about animation movies.
Speaking about games there are some that make kids and young children use their common sense, arithmatic skills and logical thinking. These games surely help the kids. It gives them the borader view of dealing with virtual situations. Such kids are more sharp in their thinking and decision-making. Some games require you to take split second decisions or else the ‘monster’ ‘eats’ you. Or you fall ‘pray’ to your ‘enemies’. Many a wrestling and fighting games like ‘Mortal Combat’ can be a good example of it.
But some parens are of the view that these ‘nonsense’ games are depriving their kids off their childhood. These kids just prefer to use their brains trying to save Aladin from snakes, swords emerging from deserts, the fat glutton or then the bats. Some others try and make India win, at least virtually if not really. Still some other feal happy to see that they have sorted out the cards and made meaningful packs. Some others bring tears to their eyes by arranging the 3 coloured bricks or diamonds and take great pleasure in seeing them disappear and hear the dings.
But really how many play games like Bookworm?, where words starting from 3 letters are to be created. Nonetheless, it cannot be said that no one plays such games, but probably the number of people playing such games might really be quite less as compared to other games. Because such games involve some linguistic knowledge and there is no glamour in it either.
But gaming has its own minuses too. By continuously staring at the computer or the mobiles gives many sour eyes. Back pain develops gradually. And the generation today is going away from yoga and pranayam. And we see them doing this only when its high time.
Its better to keep a check on everything; gaming included. And let children go in the great outdoors.


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