Safeguard your house when you vacation

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When many of us go on vacation, we forget the most important things. These things can save us from thefts, or other things, which drain our wallets unnecessarily. Here is a quick guide to prepare for a vacation this year.

Have the newspaper stop its delivery of the paper. Nothing says hello louder to a common thief than newspapers gathering on the front porch. The thief sees a nice home that no one is in for a few days and you will be a target.

Ask the post office to hold you email at the post office. If your local office des not hold mail, forward it to a trusted family member for a few weeks.

If you have cable for you internet cancel the subscription at the cable company if you will be gone a month. This way you are saving the monthly fee, which is money that can be spent on the vacation.

If you do not want to cancel the internet connection, please turn off the modem. This will prevent people in your neighborhood from barrowing your connection

In small towns all across America, the police officers will watch your home while you are on vacation. Simply call up the station and let the officer know you are headed out of town and they will be alerted to any unusual occurrences at your home. Also, give them a phone number for in case of emergencies.

Let a trust neighbor know you will be out of town so they can watch your place, but do not stop there. Give that neighbor a phone number to reach you in case of an emergency.

Have a trusted family member go into your home and leave a light on or set up different lights with a timer. This creates the illusion of the home not being empty.

In addition, that family member can feed and water any pets left home during the vacation. Recently I got two cockatiels and I will not be taking them camping, so when one of my children come to feed and water them on a daily basis they can also leave a light on.

Turn the hot water heater down so that it is not going through the heating cycles when you are not in the home. Most all the hot water heaters built in the past ten years have a vacation setting.

Lock your windows along with your doors to prevent unwanted entry and unplug things such as the television, lamps, and any game systems you have within the home.

All of these ten tips will help to safeguard your home this summer when you go on vacation, so go ahead, and venture out into the big beautiful world there is no reason not too. Enjoy yourself knowing your home and all of your processions are safer.


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