If Good Jobs are Scarce then Create Your Own

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With many businesses outsourcing their employees to other countries and factories closing, finding replacement positions has been difficult for many displaced American workers. What do you do when faced with steady bills yet no viable income or severance pay to fulfill them? Here are some ideas on how to keep money coming in when things are looking bleak financially for you and your family.

 Figure out your strengths and financial needs. Sit down and calculate how much money you need to get the bills paid every month. It seems basic enough to do this, but in chaos many people forget to calculate what they need. Write down your monthly expenses, and add them up. Weed out the trips to Starbucks, unnecessary dinners in restaurants and other things that are not mandatory. When times are hard, it is important to batten the hatches and only deal with the most important expenses.

 Temporary Employment

There are many temp agencies with all ages of workers doing either light industrial (factory) or office work. Just get a phone book and call a few, asking them if they have long or short-term assignments available. Usually, these places offer a combination of different job types. They test you with basic tests, depending upon what types of skills you have. Office workers are tested on their computer usage, factory workers are tested on basic arithmetic and manual dexterity, usually. Each agency differs in their tests. Once accepted, they give you your time sheet to take to your first assignment. They may offer you a job then and there or will call you when a suitable position comes along. Temp working is a good way to get money fairly quickly. Your first paycheck usually comes two weeks after you start. When you complete your assignment, then they will call you with other offers. It pays not to be too picky when accepting assignments. It is a good way to test out employers, to see if you may want to work for them permanently someday. I know many people who got full time jobs from working as a temp. I’ve been offered jobs myself, so the employers are always watching to see who they might like to keep. It can be a “win-win” for you both.

 Service type self employment

If you feel like a more independent type job, then read up on types of self employment opportunities that may be interesting. For example, do you want to start your own housecleaning service or a car repair shop? Contact your local city hall to ask what permits are needed, how much they cost and what kinds of certification is involved. Some states are more stringent on certification standards than others. For example, in the state of Florida, if you want to paint murals then you need to pass certain requirements in order to be licensed. It is important to be patient and do what is expected, to start the business out correctly. Having your own business is sacrifice, but worth it in the end. Most business owners live and breathe their work, so it must be a passion to you, for it to be successful. Elbow grease is a must.

 Partner with a friend

 If you don’t want to work on your own, find a trustworthy friend or associate to set up a business with. Brainstorm, talk to those in the field your interested in and pick their brains. How did they get started, where did they get the financing, and did they think it was worth all the effort? Get out and talk to people, read and learn. The more you know, the more you’re arming yourself with a way out of despair of being jobless and having little money. There are loans and grants for business owners, so research to see if you are qualified for them. There is a group called SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives) that offer free advice to aspiring or established business owners. They are in many cities and can be very helpful.

Whatever you choose to do, don’t get discouraged and give up. By pressing on, you learn, and improve yourself. It is an ever-evolving process to find your niche then pursue it. But it is worth it. Even if you have to work another job on the side to keep money coming, do what you have to do to make a better life. In time, you will forget that old job you once had, and all the problems that went with it. Good luck.


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