Earn Money Online part 1 ( Using adesen )

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Earn Money Online ( Using adsense)  part 1

You have a web site or blog … How many people come and Watch it’s

Nov you can earn money  , using that sits or blog .

How to make a web site …

It is simple , you can download any web site Templates free using Internet .

Then you can edit it , you have a permission to do it .

Using this link http://www.google.lk/search?hl=en&q=free+web+templates&aq=1&oq=free+web+

It is not harder . Now you can host your web site    using this links http://www.google.lk/search?hl=en&q=free+web+hosting&btnG=Search&aq=0&oq=free+web+ho

How to make a blog ..

It is very easy task . first you visit https://www.blogger.com/start or  http://wordpress.org/

Then you can make blog , it is free …

Now you are the publisher ..

Now you can get ades and ,you can published it .

Using this link  https://www.google.com/adsense/login/en_US/ and Now you can joined googl adsense Program  ,

You never   like google you can used this links

http://www.adbrite.com , http://smowtion.com/

How to post something ..  ( Hoe to add search box )

Mainly I hope you have a knowledge to post some posts  in your   blog

Now I explain how to add Search box

Using that code and you can easily to make search box


You can change size  , it is your choice

And  remember  fill YOUR BLOG URL and  NAME OF YOUR BLOG area correctly        ..

I will hope publish some more article about that case (Earn Money Online) …

And I would like make some video tutorial about that casa ,

If you want please comment  or mail me  using this email address abbaandme@gmail.com ..


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