Simple Rules to a Happier Life

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Loving yourself and the People around You- When you harbor bad feelings about others within yourself, you indirectly invite negative emotions your life. Avoid thinking about peoples painful, heart-wrenching or unjust actions and instead focus on what matters to you the most and how you can go about achieving those things. Hatred is a poison which can slowly consume your mind, body and soul. You may have noticed how hatred towards others can leave you feeling bitter and disappointed. Within seconds you can go from being happy to sad or merry to meek. Ultimately you are left disappointed and disillusioned by bearing many grudges. It is advisable to merely ignore situations which arouse your anger or better still, ignore people when they begin their sarcastic remarks, instead be polite, smirk at them and walk away. This is a subtle way of letting them know how inconvenient and rude their actions are and also that you are aware of their scrutinies but are in fact, the least bothered.

Focus on your Activity- While watching a favorite tele-serial, doing your laundry or taking the garbage out, concentrate on your task at hand. Some people consider multi-tasking a healthy and beneficial action. It may be so, in some cases, but most the time, it is an unhealthy approach especially when concerning career, office routines and hobbies. There is much to loss than gain by this action. For instance, while hiking, biking or swimming we may busy thinking about the incomplete errands at home and finally one day, you lose interest in your activities since you weren’t able to focus or centralize our thoughts on one particular action. The same rule applies when we are bathing, singing, writing or cooking. When we choose to undertake a creative task, it should include our entire attention, or else our drifting mind only attributes to complete loss of interest.

Saving for the Rainy day – Wise people advice to save some money aside for unexpected situations and problems. We, on the other hand, commonly misinterpret this good deed. While it is true to live simple, it is also wise to set some money aside for unpredictable situations. Saving for a rainy day simply means not going over your pre-planned budget and leading a simpler life. While applying this age old rule, we forget to live our life to the fullest because we fail to realize how simple pleasures come from simpler things, like taking a stroll down the pathway and enjoying the aroma- filled air of rose blossoms. While living a simple life, we often regret giving up our more expensive interests such as visiting the hair salons, tanning parlors, gyms or spas and we fail to realize how an interest in nature can benefit us more. Think about the fresh air entering your lungs while in a garden reading a book, or the relaxed feet perched high on the garden bench instead of painful feet in heels serenading shopping malls. Finally think about the money safely tucked in your purse or bank and then think picture the same money being handed to a cashier for all random and unnecessary purchases.

The Code for Giving and Receiving- Finally the most important aspect to a happier life are the common actions of giving and receiving. In simpler terms, when offer our love and attention to close friends and relatives, we are earning their respect and warmth. These acts are much more pure in thought than the materialistic gifts offered for friendships and closeness. While we patiently listen to a friend’s problem, we are in fact gaining their trust and on the other hand, if we are only bothered to complain and narrate our stories, we are losing their interest and finally their attention. People have a natural tendency of moving towards happier and merrier crowds. They do not wish to be drawn to gloomy situations and people. Hence in our pursuit for friendship, it remains vital to maintain happy thoughts and a willingness to give more of our happier self. Our task to always be to share in the sadness of others and give much joy and warmth to them. This simple, yet important deed will instantly make you a respected, much looked –up to member of your clan.


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