Perfect Toast

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The perfect toast can be very debatable. For instance, some people would perfer a barley toasted/ light brown and some would perfer dark brown or even black toast. The way you should make it might vary depending on who you make it for.

Chosing the “Shade” of the toast:

If your making toast for someone else, ask how much they want the toast cooked. If you have relatives or friends over you want their breakfast to be perfect. Remember, everyone likes it different.


  • Light– There’s really only one benefit for haveing lightly cooked toast. It’s easy to chew! Whether your young, old, or have aching teath, you can be sure it gets chewed!
  • Brown- Nice and even. It stays warm for a good amount of time, and is slightly crunchy. The Darker Brown Toast is probably the best way to cook it if you are unsure of what someone likes, or they have no prefrence.
  • Black– *Crunch* Nom! Nom! Nom! Aw, the satisfying sound of black toast crunching. People like black toast for the warmness it creates in your mouth and the ease of melting butter on it’s surface.


  • Barley Cooked– It’s very difficult to spread butter on and it gets cold quick! Not recomended for “normal” people.
  • Brown– Crumbs can get everywhere when eating this type. Eat over a plate! Nobody likes crumbs all over the table and floor. All toast produces crumbs, but not as much as the middle shade.
  • Black Toast– This type offers a “unique” usually unprefered burnt taste to the toast. Most can’t handle the epic taste offerd by the “Dark Side” of toast.


You could probably tell, but there are many more shades and varients of toast then what I listed. Find the inbetween shades and EXPERIMENT! Usually you can find the perfect shade after a few breakfasts. Keep eating toast and you will be eating perfect toast in no time!


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