Time to Bundle Up, It’s Winter Time!

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You definitely want to dress your baby properly for winter, so that your baby and your whole family (and you, of course!) can properly enjoy the holidays. Remember that babies are very expressive people, and they will let their feelings be known whether they are happy or they want to complain about something. If your baby is not content with something, expect to be told about it through their only form of language (for now) – crying, or wailing, depending on how frustrated he is. Aside from this, you also do not want to run the risk of your baby catching up a nasty cold and any other disease associated with colds and so you really should take extra care in dressing your baby up for the cold times.

When dressing your baby for winter, you should practice “layering”, or dressing him up with several layers of clothing rather than just one very, very hot jacket or coat. Layering can help you adjust as well his temperature as you go from place to place. Babies are more sensitive to changes in temperature than adults and therefore they will definitely feel the change as you get out of your car to go inside a restaurant and back again. Layering allows you to add or subtract a few degrees Fahrenheit to his temperature as you move from the car to the restaurant, and vice versa.

Make sure that all of your baby’s extremities are covered, and make sure to cover every inch of his body as well, without constricting his movements. Constricting his movements will yield the same results as dressing him improperly for your day out – crying or wailing, again depending on how frustrated he is. So starting from the top going down, make sure that every inch of his little body is properly covered.

To cover his head, get a bonnet or a small hat or cap that can fit inside the hood of his jacket. Remember layering and if it gets too cold, you can put on his hood and take it off when it gets a bit warmer. Make sure the bonnet covers his ears as well since exposed ears will result to a very cold baby. Choose one that is flexible and snug so that it doesn’t fall off when you are not looking.

Make him wear soft gloves to cover his hands, but make sure that these gloves do not limit him from touching or grasping things. Of course, socks are staple items when it comes to winter clothing so do not forget that, too.

Do not forget also to make sure that your baby is wearing a jumpsuit or onesie inside, since jackets will have a tendency to go up and down as your baby moves, therefore sometimes revealing your baby’s tummy and this will definitely be cold.


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