Dress Like Suri – $90 Onesie, Anyone?

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Babies Who Lunch

It could have been Suri or Maddox or Pax or anyone of Brangelina’s brood who triggered the attention, but definitely babies are suddenly recognized as a very powerful market in the retail industry. These little tots, who have no direct buying power, are a significant force nonetheless. When designers unveil their new collection, they also unveil their new line called designer baby clothes. Yep, those brands that grace all the fashion magazines pages are now whipping up bibs, body suits, bonnets and booties, all for those cutie little babies. And because they are designer clothes, they have the same trait common to all designer clothes – pricey!

Baby Dior

Christian Dior heads the pack with his line of designer baby clothes called Baby Dior (what else!). If you are not so sure where to find these, you can check it out first on www.eluxury.com where these designer baby clothes sit alongside Louis Vuitton bags and Dolce & Gabbana shoes, among others. A Baby Dior will cost about $40 while onesies will cost you around $90 and up. Pretty expensive, huh? Well, if you want to dress up your little darling with jazz and pizzazz, be ready to cough up some serious dough.

Anne Geddes

Now Anne Geddes is one lucky and talented lady who has found her niche in taking photographs of little babies clad up in bumblebee costumes or as a plant or flower. It became so successful worldwide that she took it one notch higher by coming up with designer baby clothes inspired by her picture. Now anytime, you can take an Anne Geddes picture of your bundle of joy. Though not as expensive as Baby Dior, Anne Geddes is not for those on a budget either. A playsuit will cost about $30 and that is not what I would call cheap. But hey, it’s for an Anne Geddes picture, so go ahead and buy one!

There are more than two designer baby clothing lines and you might enjoy looking at them if only through the internet. If you are on a budget but would like to drape your baby in these designer clothes, you can wait for sales or check the internet from time to time to see if they are offering discounts. And of course, you can always check out your nearest Salvation Army shop. When these well-to-do babies have grown out of their designer clothes, you can surely find a Baby Dior under $2 in one of your Salvation Army shops and you can be sure that it will be in good condition.


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