Don’t Be Late for That Date! Organize Your Closet Properly.

Here is a common enough scenario: your friend or date has arrived to pick you up, yet you still can’t find that perfect shawl or belt that completes your outfit. You search frantically, yelling at your sister to never borrow clothes from you again, while you scramble to find anything that can replace it. Once you found what you are looking for, you promise to yourself that you will really (really!) organize your closet so that you don’t have to go through another one of those episodes. But then you remember that you have promised this to yourself four dozen times already (that was last year alone) and never got around to actually doing it.

Organizing our closet must have crossed all our minds at some point in time. We know we need to do it, we want to do it, but somehow never did it. Perhaps because it seems too big a task and so we just ignored it everyday, until something like the episode I described a while back happens, then we remember that we really need to organize our closet.

There are many tools and ways to organize your closet, but the very first item you need to have is commitment. You should be committed to finish the task, no matter how many days or weeks it should take. This doesn’t mean however, that it should take you that long to organize your closet. It simply means that you can do it in phases or sections, and you can stop whenever you want to, but just give yourself a self-imposed deadline so that it will not be another unfinished task.

Adding dividers will organize your closet, and there is no limit to how many dividers you should have, or what size they should be. If you want to have boxes as dividers, then so be it. The idea is to separate items from each other so that you will know where to look for socks when you need socks, and not end up with about six different belts you do not need. There are also do-it-yourself dividers that can be purchased from your local hardware, or you might want to hire a professional to do it. Just make sure when you hire a professional, to thoroughly explain the things that you want done, so that you end up with a closet suitable to your liking.

You might also want to dispose some of the items you don’t need or have not touched for about two years now. It will give you additional closet space while you help the needy by donating the clothes to them. Make it an annual ritual so that you have more room for the clothes you will be accumulating next year.

Lastly, organizing your closet is not a one-time only deal. You need to maintain your newly organized closet, otherwise you might experience again the desperation of looking for something you badly need and yet can’t find!

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