How to stay mentally fit

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Mental health is the key to physical health.

New generation people are very much aware about the significance of staying mentally fit.Mental health starts from our basic thoughts to simple deeds.A small prayer, warm smile, a gentle hug adds up to our mental health. These gentle gestures towards the mankind adds to our mental health even without much effort.

Face the world with a warm smile which will vey well change people’s attitude towards you. A person with a smiling personality is welcomed any where.Always indulge in positive thoughts.This will enlighten your state of mind.Early in the morning ; open up your windows and listen to the chirrups of birds, the dew drops on flowers.

Release your soul. Get indulged in good dreams.Read motivational articles.You can always get involved in breathing excersises also.This will make your mind more clear and you will have your positive energy throughout the day.You can see and feel the self confidence building in you from your inner soul.You can also spread the positive mentality in the group that you interact with.

The state of the mind releases the positive energy to your body.It will reflect in your daily routines.Take a good walk and while you walk try to find out the small pleasues near by you.A baby’s smile, a birds song all enhances your mental strength and in turn contributes to your physique.

Always keep a special bond with your family. Try to spread this positive attitude for your family members.Your mental health will be made much stronger as you bond with your family.

To summerize build up a strong mind for a strong body.


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