A Sentimental Story About A Baby’s First Clothes

When a new baby is born, there is really no end to the happiness her brand new parents feel! Particularly for first-time parents, a newborn baby opens a whole new magical world of happiness, never known to any of them before. There is really something special about a first-born and all mothers, even fathers, will accede to this. This does not mean that the next-born children are less special, of course, but first-borns share a very special experience with their parents that will never be repeated – and that is the joy of first-time parenthood. Together, they will experience the inexperience of the couple at being parents, and the lessons and adventures will never happen again, because they will no longer be novices next time at bringing a child up.

It is not uncommon for first-time parents to want to record every single detail of their newborn’s first years. First smile, first sneeze, first hiccup, first sounds, first I-looked-at-Mommy-as-if-I-understand-what-she’s-saying – first everything, really! You will see the proof of this at how much photographs and videos get accumulated on a baby’s first years of life compared to his or her latter years.

Clothes and shoes get extra attention and they usually end up in the storage closet after a long time, to be handed down to a sibling later. The christening gown also commands some special attention, particularly if it was hand-made by someone from the family.

I have read the story of a mother from Maryland who worked on her child’s baptismal gown even before her daughter was born. Around two months before she gave birth, she embarked on a project – making the most intricate baptismal gown for her soon-to-be-born daughter. She worked day and night, and it also helper her ease the tension an expectant mother usually feels. It also helped her with the boredom, and the days seemed to move just a teeny bit faster while she was stitching away. She had this idea that the baptismal gown will be handed down from one baby to another, generations to generations.

Although the passing-on-to-generations part did not come true, her daughter had the most unique baptismal gown in all of Maryland. People whispered about how exquisite it was, and wondered where it was bought, from which designer outlet. Little did they know that they can never buy, and that it was priceless, because it was stitched with love only a mother can have for her child.

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