Price Action Forex Trading – A crash course introduction into My Trading world

Tighten your seat belt and listen very carefully, the forex education and training on price action in this in depth article is priceless and could significantly enhance your forex trading success and forex trading account profits.

The real cold truth is, You have likely been brainwashed thus far in your trading career, everything you see and read on the internet about forex trading, and all the glitters of huge easy trading profits and stupendous mechanical trading robots is a complete load of rubbish and you are only kidding yourself if you truly believe that is the highway to trading success.

Now, as a trading expert and respected forex trading mentor, let me tell you the realities and the truths about what it takes to make money trading this lucrative yet challenging industry we call forex.

There really is in my mind, only one genuinely profitable forex strategy and that is the study of raw price action.  Everything else preached online is a complete and utter load of trash; it’s a con job, an illusion to keep you losing your money to make the brokers rich, to make the internet marketers rich and you very poor!  Think about how many people lose in this industry, in fact, 95 % of all new accounts blow up in the first 6 months, go figure!  Think about why brokers allow you to trade on low margins with practically no money down, they expect you lose! The truth is, it’s all set up to ensure you fail and make the select few at the top of the chain extremely rich in the process, just like a real working casino but on a much larger scale.

My Price Action Trading Journey

After several years in front of the ‘price action’ charts, messing about with silly indicators and scam forex robot trading systems, I came to the conclusion that the raw price action charts, the actual naked price data held the real holy grail to consistent forex trading opportunities and real profits. I don’t expect you to open up a chart and be able to read it perfectly the first time around, I certainly took some time to understand it all, but eventually it became second nature because I was reading first hand price data without the mess and random indicators, the answer was in the simplistic and extremely clear trading analysis.

The truth is, most traders have enough haphazard trading indicators, random pivot lines or other mess on their forex charts to confuse them to the point of insanity. The herds of forex traders are all seeking one common goal, to predict future price action correctly, it’s simply the only goal any forex trader, yet we are trained to analyse charts and study the price action in the most unprofitable manner, brainwashed by a swarm of naive and uneducated trading mentors who fill books and articles for selfish quick profits.

Now let me tell you my Price Action forex trading story…

I have been trading price action for over 5 years now, and I am yet to see more than 3 trading educators, less than 2 trading books  or even attend 1 seminar that touches even remotely on this trading style. I consider myself an expert on this topic, and have worked and developed many methods to trade raw price action charts and chart patterns; it’s without doubt my grail to profits.

But, I don’t expect you to take my word for it, in time I will show you why it is truly the only way to trade successfully… but I can’t convince you in just this article.  I truly hope I reach out to you and help you start your journey all over again, to push you on the correct path to learning what price action is all about.

If you’re not already on your way to trading raw price data, you are still likely to be in the wrong mindset of what it takes to trade forex successfully, the masses simply follow the herd behaviour – you included, and I am here to tell you it is all wrong, everything that’s freely available, and most of the paid content anywhere online or in books is almost useless.  It’s simply an internet marketers dream to try and sell to you their miracle forex formulae. Break the cycle and don’t be part in their game, run as fast as you possibly can!

The Road to Forex Traders Recovery

The first step is to recognise you’re being conned, and to allow me, or a like mined individual to take you and reprogram me your mind into trading raw price action.

So how can you fast track you’re trading career and start to look at the market in the eyes of a professional forex trader? How can you make the transition to price action trading and clean up your charts, remove your messy indictors and start to move away from overrated mechanical forex systems?  The answer is in the actual question, it’s to simply remove all your indicators, remove all your messy lines and pivots and whatever else, and start to learn to trade forex with a clean naked price chart.

Do me a favour, check out my free forex trading videos and trading articles on price action and learn something new, learn something that could help you move above and beyond the masses of losing traders.

Best of all, I am willing to help you for free, to prove to you and to show you beyond doubt just how powerful my price action strategies really are.

I look forward to helping you turn the corner and discover what price action forex trading can do for you. It’s been the turning point in my career and I’m sure it will be in yours too.

Nial Fullers is an Expert Trader and Forex Mentor providing Education and Training on Price Action Trading. Visit His website and learn to trade forex successfully.

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