Brooks Shields Crys For Michael Jackson

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It was sad to see Brooke Shields crying about Michael Jackson. I thought that what she said about him sitting on a crescent moon and to smile was realy nice. I remember when Brooke Shields went to an award program with Michael Jackson when they were both very young. The media had such a hay day with that and said she was “dating” Michael. She was very young and they were just friends. I remember the media commenting at the time about Brooke Shields mother. They said she was super strict and controlling. They were actually suprised to see that she let her daughter date Michael Jackson. It was probably one of the best moves the mother ever made regarding her daughters career. At the time Michael Jackson was THE Pop King in the music industry. Brooke Shields made a few movies but Michael Jackson was definately more popular. So, to see Brooke Shields all these years later speaking about Michael Jackson and crying was so sad. It brought back so many memories of not only their younger days but also of mine. Ever since I can remember Micheal Jackson was making music and videos. He was constantly in the news as well as making news. Even though Michael Jackson was so charasmatic and successful much of his life was very sad and troubling. Because he was such a successful, unique person he was like a magnet for the good and the bad. He was so charasmatic that you couldn’t help but watch anything and everything about him.. the good and the bad. Brooke Shields like millions of others will surely miss Michael Jackson.. and so will I.  


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