20 Things You Can Do This Summer That Don’t Require Batteries

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1. Sleep. Like a baby. Like a dog. Like a log. Catch up on precious Sleep and relish the dreams that come in between. For refreshing and best results, sleep naked.

2. Learn Japanese. The Japanese are quite comfortable with their own language and have no intention of converting to any other language, it’s all up to us to learn theirs. Learn their system of writing too, the hiragana and katakana. Should be handy the next time you buy any Japanese product from the grocery.

3. Grow tomatoes. Or any other fruits/vegetables. Picking time is always the most rewarding time. And the best part is, what you’re eating came from your own backyard.

4.Bake a cake. Even if it’s no one’s birthday. Or it could be your birthday. Bake a cake just for the heck of it. Don’t cheat on the ingredients.

5. Write a letter to Congress. About changes in the country you want to happen. No to nukes, or the gun ban, or legislate more laws protecting children’s rights, and women’s, gays, and other minorities. Write with pen and paper. It’s more personal than just email.

6. Collect anything. Stamps, for instance. They may not be around for long, what with people emailing each other. Contrary to popular belief, stamps are not boring things. They lick back too.

7. Do yoga. It’s about time you get in touch with your mind and body. You’ll miss doing those contortionist poses when you get old and can’t do it anymore. For best results, drink milk; you’re bones are going to need.

8. Visit the zoo. Talk to the squirrels, whisper secrets to the elephants, share jokes with the python. Then, maybe, we’ll realize just how negligent we’ve been to our fellows in the animal kingdom.

9. Have a haircut. Something out of this world perhaps. You’ll miss having a haircut when you get old and already losing your locks.

10. Stargaze with a friend. Pluck stars from the sky, hunt for meteors and shooting stars and other magic objects. Starlight is light that reached the earth from a star was already dead billions of lighthyears ago. It is precious light.

11. Make a mobile or a chime, from the most out-worldly materials: soda can rings, toilet paper cardboard tube, etc. make it look good though, because it’s going to hang from your doorway for a long time.

12. write a song. it doesn’t matter if you can’t play the piano or the guitar. you can hum, and that ought to take you somewhere. write a love song without the sappy, lovesick lyrics. Instead, try incorporating unlikely words like “dessicated” or “ennui” or “tintinnabulation”.

13. write a poem. steer away from the routine and mundaneness of everyday life, and start befriending metaphors. the sky is a zoo. the sea is a book without letters. a tree is a lullaby. etc. keep a notebook where you can jot down your metaphors and verses. don’t be afraid of erasures. a poem is always a work in progress.

14. Buy a green pen. or a purple one. or a silver, or even brown. just for a change. and write love letters to your friends and families. nothing beats getting the mail from the mailbox yourself. so write your friends as good as if you were face to face with them. they’ll appreciate the thoughts. and the new multi-color you.

15. Make a collage of your family photos, and take your artwork to the framers. then hang it on your best wall. if you’re paranoid, you might not like the idea of too many people staring at you from inside the frame. remember: a collage is very, very crucial project, so proceed always with caution.

16. toss fruits and shaved ice in the blender and make, tadah, vitamin-rich, ice-cold fruitshakes. make interesting combinations: mango and banana. grape and guava. apple and strawberry. watermelon and papaya. add milk if you want.

17. Paint your dining room wall. try something eye-opening, like primary red or chocolate brown. with just a little imagination, you can turn every mealtime in your new dining room into a posh restaurant experience. ochre yellow is nice too, if the red’s too shocking.

18. Eat a mango in the river. or the next best thing: the bathtub. it’s the only way to eat a ripe, yellow, luscious gift. Steep naked up to your chest, then peel the fruit slowly, and bite with fervor, letting the juice run down your arms. bananas may be high in potassium, but it’s just not the same.

19. Wake up early. to catch the sunrise. tough feat, maybe, but it’s worth it. the early morning light is one of the nicest light you can see. See those lovely dust swirling in the air. Wake up and smell the fabric conditioner of your neighbor who woke up even earlier and has done laundry already. Early-risers get to do more things, you know.

20. Burn those magazines with pouty, size-zero models and their signature clothes and steely gazes. make a bonfire: death to the all-too-perfect image models. you don’t need magazines telling you what’s this season’s hottest shoes or trendiest bar, or the new black.

YOU are the new black.


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