Fix Acne! Vichy Normaderm System Cleanser/Lotion/Toner

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The Vichy Normaderm system are anti-acne based products usually comparable to products such as proactive. I used the Vichy Normaderm cleanser, toner, daytime lotion, nighttime lotion, and active anti-imperfection concentrate.
The cleanser works really well, especially if you use it after rinsing your face with really warm/hot water. You can feel the tingles as it cleanses your face, and your face feels refreshed and clean after you dry it.
The toner has a bit of a sting to it, and has reviews claiming it breaks people out. I used it before I put on any lotion and found it did not make me break out any, although I also personally found it did not do much to even my skin tone out. It did however make my faces blemished areas tingle and feel like they were being cleaned. It does contain some alchohol in it.
The day time lotion has a drying effect. I really love it. I have an oily T zone, but my cheeks and sides of my face are really dry and this lotion seemed to work wonders for both of them. There is no real smell to it, and no irritation. After it sinks into your skin I find it is also a nice base to put makeup on top of if you are a woman and it doesn’t affect it working.
The night time lotion does not have a drying effect. The sales lady told me it was to get rid of the redness on your face. I have not really noticed areas of redness fading. However, what I have noticed is a few minor acne scars around my hairline fading substantially when I use this cream at night. I really appreciate that part of it.
The active anti-imperfection concentrate works wonders. All you have to do is put a small amount on the area with a pimple forming. It is said to dissapear in as little as one day. I found usually it took two days, but was still so much more convienant then weeks dealing with an ugly blemish on my face. I used it after applying the day lotion and the night lotion.
Overall I would completely recommend this brand, and it’s normaderm collection. My acne has cleared up and I only have the occasional blemish from time to time. It is a little pricey but the products last you a very long time. They are worth every penny!


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