Michael Jackson Thriller Video Was A Masterpiece

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When I first saw Michael Jackson in the Thriller video I remember how impressed I was at the really awesome choreography. Michael Jackson was a master at dancing and singing but this video, Thriller, was one of his best ever! I wanted to watch it over and over again. Michael Jackson could dance and move like no one else. He definately was blessed with a gift of movement and entertaining. I grew up with Michael because I can remember some of his first appearances on television shows. When he was with his brothers in the Jackson Five I loved watching him. He stood out because he was so young and so talented. Michael Jackson is someone who has been in the baby boomers era as well as all those younger. If someone is in their fifties and sixties they remember Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five. For all those in their 30’s and 40’s they also knew Michael Jackson ALL of their life and of course anyone younger also knew his music. Not only was he famous for his music but he made up the best dance moves, ever. The “Moon Walk” was one of his best. The only other person that I loved to watch dance more than Michael Jackson was Prince. I loved the way that Prince danced but always thought that Prince was arrogant so that was a bit of a turn off. Michael Jackson was not only talented and famous but also had a big heart and a kind spirit. It was so sad that so many people took advantage of him. He was so famous for so many years and made so many hit video’s, albums, CD’s and was on the verge of a huge comeback. Poor Michael Jackson… such an extremely talented person now gone forever.


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