Daily resolution diary: Achieve your goal by writing things down

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Setting up goals can be as easy as writing down your goals on a to-do list and putting it on the wall. But do you think you are going to succeed when you just deem your goals as casually as in this way? If you are not earnest enough about your goals, all your will probably do is keeping your goal list visible within your sight. In this way, you can be sure that whenever you need boosting, your goal list can be handy at your side to serve its purpose. To reach your goals successfully, however, you should step further by keeping a daily resolution diary. Having a habit like this will help you trace your progress along the way. 
First and foremost, think thoroughly about what you want to achieve and write them down in specific terms. For example, you may want to reduce your weight. So, you start by writing “I want to reduce my weight.” This statement looks too vague and fluid, and depending on how your resolution goes, this statement would mean differently in different times. Another problem is: how can you measure you are successful? Do you want to lose five pounds or 10 pounds? To remove all the vagueness from your resolution statement, you need to rephrase the sentence in more specific and measurable terms. For instance, “I want to reduce 20 pounds by August.” In this way, you specify what you want to achieve and when you are going to reach that goal. Having this in your mind can keep you from distracting, and you can easily tell how far you are from your goals and you will know how much effort you should put in to achieving them.
Writing your goals down in specific terms is only the first step in keeping a daily resolution diary. The next step is to ask yourself why the goals are so important to you. Do you want to be healthier? Do you want to look more attractive? Write down the reasons that you think are most convincing. If you can justify your goals, you will realize how important they are to you. Thus, your impulse to achieving your goals will be nowhere, but inside of you.
Upon doing all the above steps, here comes the next procedure: find out the ways to achieve your goals. Take weight loss for an example. There are surely ample ways to help you cut down your weight, like taking pills, doing exercise, and eating lesser meat. Decide which ones you will choose to partner with for achieving your goals, write them down and, like the first step of specifying your goals, be as specific and detailed as possible. For example, you may want to have a smaller helping of meat and more fruits and vegetables in lunchtime as a trial in the beginning. This surely is good, but not good enough. Your appetite for meat may vary day by day, so does your definition of “a smaller helping of meat.” To remind yourself of what it really means to you, you need to specify the quantity of meat, like half of your usual consumption, you will take during lunchtime. You may feel frustrated when trying to adjust yourself to this newly formed habit. Tell and rant in your daily resolution diary. It is your best companion whenever you get stuck in your way to success.

Having a daily resolution diary surely is effective to get us move on in achieving our goals.


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