Will Debbie Rowe Get Custody Of Prince Michael and Paris Jackson?

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Now that Michael is gone what will happen to his children? Will Debbie Rowe try to get custody of Michael Jackson’s children? If she does try will the courts give her custody? If they take into consideration her recent behavior with the media, her temper meltdown might lose her some points. It seems that Debbie Rowe is coming back into the picture and she doesn’t seem happy. All the media attention that is suddenly in her life has her extremely irritated. She screamed at a camera man and told him not to touch her. When the camera man said he didn’t touch her she then screamed back at him to back off with some verbal abuse, swearing, etc.. So, is this the kind of person Michael Jackson would want to take care of his children? We should not judge this woman, Debbie Rowe but if she cannot handle an encounter with the media without flipping out how is she going to have patience with children? Since these children are so distraut over their fathers death it will be even harder to handle their very delicate emotions. Since, they hardly even know Debbie Rowe because of her absence in their lives, it will be even more difficult for the children to adjust to her. I feel sorry for Debbie Rowe because she must have extreme regrets about giving up her children in the first place. Any mother would have regrets. Now that Michaels children are all over the media this may be what is triggering the anger in Debbie Rowe. She must feel helpless that she has no control over their lives. It’s just a sad, sad situation all around. Poor Michael.. if he only knew.


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