Groom Your Pet and Save

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How much do you spend grooming your pet? Boarding? Or do you hand over the almighty charge card, sign on the dotted line and make monthly payments?

We have a white miniature Schnauzer, Harley. His hair is soft like cotton, wavy, grows really fast and if not brushed often his hair gets unruley matted ….I sound like a hair commercial. 

For Harley to be fully groomed, which includes, brushing and bathing first.  Then I usually start with the clippers turning them on and allowing him to hear and see them before beginning.  I begin the clipping first on the body; keep in mind you may not be able to complete the body as you will have to allow the clippers to cool.  Otherwise your pet will jerk and you may hurt him and or yourself.

Next, I alternate between trimming and cleaning the ears, and clipping his head along with his beard and eyebrows.  His face, ears, feet & other areas, nail trim and file, are more sensitive than the body, so I praise him alot. 

Expressing the anal glands are the quickest yet nastiest to clean.   Anal glands you say, yep….if these glands are not expressed, they run the chance of being impacted or infected which means, bring out the credit card again for antibiotics and possible surgery on some breeds. 

Here are some tips to put the money in your pocket: 

1. Basic clippers with instructional cd,  $20 or clipper set for approximately $30 – use for the body. Peanut clipper approximately $45 – use for ears and nose
2. Ask the veterinarian to show you how to express the anal glands or click here.  You need medical rubber gloves, lubricant and paper towels. 
3. Boarding – friends, family or neighbors that you could exchange services with them.

*Be very careful with trimming the nails as you could cause serious damage to the nail bed. 

You will save!!


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