Sarh Palin – Exit Stage Left

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“We are not retreating, we are advancing in a different direction.”

Quoting General MacArthur , Sara Palin made her exit today from the world of politics.

In usual Palin fashion she talked in generalities and flowering rhetoric. Staring off with her folksy trademark “Hi Alaska” greeting followed by glowing testimonial to how great a state Alaska is to her whining about ethics complaints filed against her, the media and continued paragraph after paragraph on…well, on nothing at all. Stating, “I have given my reasons candidly and truthfully”, while doing neither.

Not one of the 2550 words of Palin’s resignation speech gave any explanation, or reason as to why she was leaving office, 17 months before her term expires, or why she chose to make the announcement during the July 4th weekend leaving the most important part of her declaration open for speculation and debate.

And speculate and debate they did! From the talking heads on the cable news networks, to every website, twitter and facebook site on the Internet, came the cries of “she couldn’t take the heat”, “she was over $500,000.00 in debt due to law suits”, “it was a strategic plan to start early working on her 2012 to run for President”, “She was getting jealous of all the media coverage Governor Sanford was getting’, “she was getting tired of all the coverage of Michael Jackson’s demise and wanted to bump him off the headlines.” Ok, I admit, that last one was mine.

Did anyone check her travel records to see if she had made any unauthorized trips to Argentina?

Or maybe she simply did wish to get out of the “heat” in the kitchen.

No matter how the Republican National Committee dressed her up, or how much money they spent on the her wardrobe, they couldn’t get past the one qualification that is essential for anyone to lead; intelligence. (I won’t go into the debate about Dan Quayle). In interview after interview both during the campaign and after, Palin was proven to be more of an anomaly than a serious contender. The “hockey mom” was fine for a State located far, far away from the U.S. mainland, but except for the conservative base, no one ever truly believed she had the intellect, or the strength to be a true leader. Every time she opened her mouth, she proved this to be true.

I’ll miss Sara Palin, but I’ll miss Tina Fey a great deal more.

Another quote by the illustrious General: “Old soldiers never die; they just fade away”. In the case of Sara Palin, one can only hope.

“We are not retreating, we are advancing in a different direction.” Quoting


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