Michael Jackson and the Beatles

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I am a big Beatles fan, no doubt about it and I love Paul McCartney. In college, whenever my communications subjects required me to produce a term paper, a thesis, inevitably my subject will always be about the Fab Four. Though I was born in the 70s, I heard their song one day in the radio in my teen years and I was forever hooked. I even took 7am classes in the university, simply because there was an early morning radio show dedicated solely to the Beatles. When I went to the United Kingdom I was in heaven! Liverpool! Albert Dock! Matthew Street!

I liked Michael Jackson, too. But unlike my liking for the Beatles, I won’t call myself a big MJ fan. I liked his music, and I respect the genius in him, but I was what you’d call a “reactive fan”. If there was something about him I’d read it and if there was news about him I will definitely listen to it. I was actually happy when Michael Jackson bought the rights to the Beatles library. At that time, I thought it was a very wise business decision, and I was also glad that the library went to somebody who will definitely respect and value the property well.

Now Michael Jackson is dead, and while the world still has to cope with this sudden phenomenon, already there are debates on whether or not MJ will have the same legacy as the Beatles or Elvis. I have no doubt that his music will live on. His career has spanned four decades and in the process have accumulated a big cult all over the world, and a steady fan base crossing many age groups. My parents will always remember Jackson 5, and I will always remember Thriller, among many others.

I will forever be a Beatles fan, but I think that MJ is the greatest performer of all time. He may not be the greatest artist, but he is definitely the greatest performer, on and off camera.

Say, Say, Say (Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson, 1983)

The Girl Is Mine (Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson, 1982)


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