How to Get Cinema Tickets in the Philippines Fast!

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I won’t even dare say anything about Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Except I guess that it’s more than 2 hours long, and that there is no P.S. scene (you know, those scenes that come after the credits have rolled out). At least, it looks like that – we stayed until all the cast and the crew have been displayed, there wasn’t really anything. If there is please let me know, so we can watch it again!

There was a steady line in the Trinoma ticket booth from 5pm onwards, and there were even extra showing times (way past midnight!) so it’s safe to say that this movie will be a blockbuster right away. Amazing, really, at this day and age, when I often wonder if cinemas are not losing money, or why they don’t reduce the ticket prices to half, which might result to more people watching. I’ve watched really good, well-hyped up movies where there are only a handful watching (as in you can count the people with one hand!).

So, how can you really get Transformers 2 movie (or any movie) tickets fast?

1. If you’re watching in one of the Ayala Cinemas, you can get reserve and purchase your tickets online via You need to be a registered member to do so, but it only takes a couple of minutes to register. Make sure, though, that you get your confirmation number, either through text or email for the reservation (sample: TriCxxxx). This confirmation number is what you’ll show to the ticket booth when you go and claim your tickets. The main advantage of this is that there’s a special booth for tickets reserved or purchased online.


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