Happy Chocolate Day! Enjoy Some Chocolate Oreo Bon Bons

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Did you know that today July 7th was Chocolate Day?  I actually did not know that today was Chocolate Today until I got an email telling me that it was.  I thought that I could not let Chocolate Day go by without sharing one of my favorite chocolate recipes. 

I created this recipe for a co-worker of my husband’s who was leaving the company.  He had told my husband that he had once had these wonderful chocolate balls made with crushed oreos and dipped in chocolate.  He did not have a recipe and did not remember everything that was in them, so I set out to create a chocolate covered oreo ball.  While I am sure my recipe was not exactly what he had, had before what I came up with was very, very, good and very pretty to boot.  These candies which I call Chocolate Bon Bons are pretty enough to give as gifts.  So without further adoo, here is my recipe.

Chocolate Oreo Bon Bons

1 package of original Oreo Cookies

1/2 cup salted pretzels

1 8 oz package of cream cheese softened

2 Packages of microwavable dipping chocolate or almond bark

Line 2 large cookie sheets with waxed paper or aluminum foil sprayed with non stick cooking spray.

Place the Oreo cookies and the pretzels in a large zip loc plastic bag.  Crush with a rolling pin or however you wish to crush them.  Crumbs should be just short of fine.

Place the pretzels and Oin a bowl with the cream cheese, and blend as well as possible.

Using a teaspoon as a method of measure make several balls out of the cream cheese mixture. 

Melt the chocolate or almond bark according to package instructions.  Carefully dip each ball in to the chocolate coating each ball thoroughly try to keep it as smooth as possible.  I placed each ball in the chocolate and spooned chocolate over it until it was covered, but use what ever method works best for you.  Place the chocolate covered balls on the cookie sheets and allow them to harden.  Placing them in a freezer for 1/2 hour is the best way to set them. 

Remove and enjoy!  Store in the refrigerator or freezer to keep them firm longer. 


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