Music Business Jobs for College Students

DVD Magazine Business Professional

College students can create their own job of promoting music artists on video and DVD products. There has been a lot of success in the urban and surburban market with the sale of Rap DVD Magazines. This can be turned into Music Business Jobs for College Students in other genres as well. College students can start their own small Rap DVD Magazine business or create a product line that promotes other genres of music. This is one of the many music business jobs for college students that can also be obtained by partnering with another person who has either the business skills or marketing skills to compliment your own talents. While Rap DVD Magazines consist of concert footage and spontaneous video material, college students can develop their own niche by producing video montages of independent bands in Rock, Pop and R&B music.

Independent Touring Musician

Lucrative Music Business Jobs for College Students can be developed on the road by building relationships with venues and media professionals. This can become a full-time job for college students who are talented in some aspect of the music field. There are numerous Music Business Jobs for College Students who can play instruments. These job opportunities may even be more available to instrumentalists than singers. College studens can also create their own jobs in the music business by planning a string of House Concerts to promote their CDs and other merchandise.

Online Music DJ

Advances in technology have created opportunities to get Music Business Jobs for College Students online. There are dozens of live streaming websites where college students can create their own music related podcast or develop an online radio station using services such as Blogtalkradio and getting sponsors to pay for their shows. Online radio stations and podcasts are some of Music Business Jobs for College Students that can be done as a work at home job without commuting to an office, depending on the preference of each student graduate.

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