How to Broil Hamburgers in the Oven

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No matter what time of the year it is everyone loves a nice, big, juicy hamburger. Usually, this can be satisfied by going to a fast food restaurant for a quick fix, but some folks like to prepare their own food; besides, it’s also healthier to make your own food. Making a quality hamburger can be tricky when you don’t have the grill as an option, as it is typically viewed as the best way to cook, but we can make due with an oven by broiling our hamburger.

First, we must make the patties to before we can cook. This is very simple really; we need ground beef (amount varies by number of servings), and seasonings. We’ll take our ground beef and mix in any garnishments that we’d like to cook in the patty. This can include garlic, onion or just about anything else really. When it’s all mixed evenly, take out about a quarter or a third of a pound to form the patty. Shaping it and flattening the ground beef on a cooking sheet will work fine for this. With the patties made, additional seasonings can be added, again whatever you like such as salt, pepper, or other powdered garnishments.

When all this is completed place the hamburger patties in the fridge or another cool place for at least ten minutes. This will help the patties keep form while cooking and not fall apart. While waiting set the oven to boil and let it heat up. Once pre-heated, place the cooking sheet of patties in the oven and allow six to ten minutes (depending on the number of patties) for the hamburgers to cook. Take out and serve on a bun with your favorite garnishments. Enjoy!


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