Objects First with Java Review

Java. A simple language for people to learn, to create a basic software engineering front. Java teaches object orientation, and this book really explains about objects and gives a basic understanding of the Java syntax.

Computer Science is probablly one of the hardest subjects I’ve done, but with this book, it made learning objects really, really, really easy. The book can be bought from Amazon for around $80, but I got a copy which was 2 editions behid for $10 from eBay. The book contains a link to a webpage which has information about instuctor Power Points and teacher guidelines, coursework and relevent awnsers.

BlueJ vs Full featured IDEs is the same as handing a young child a calculator and trying to get them to calculate a simple math problem. The child may probably do it, but doesn’t understand how. Learning Java without a full featured IDE is easier than learning it by yourself.

I learnt java with the help of this book, and so will you. It’s simple to learn Java, especially with the right resources. Java Runtime Envronment and the Development Kit are avalible for free.

In summary then, I whole-heartedly recommend this book to new and experienced programmers alike who wish to learn Java well and my advice would be this: Do yourself a favor, put aside the complex Java IDE for now, buy this book, download the latest editions of BlueJ and Sun’s Java environment from the web (the versions on the CD are not the latest and greatest) and REALLY learn Java!

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