Fundamentals of nursing: how to be successful in this course and not get kicked out of nursing school.

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Fundamentals of nursing is a course that a lot of nursing students find challenging because it is so new to them plus the exams are quite a shock. If you are taking this course then you are a new nursing student and don’t know what the exam questions look like. They are very different from what you are used to and here are a few tips to help you along the way in nursing school.

The first thing you need to do to be successful is  buy your text book, a review book and a question and answer book (Nclex style question and answer book)

Next thing is attend every lecture don’t miss anyone lecture. You need to know what is important to your professor so you can prepare adequately for the exams

Read your review book before the class. Prentice hall reviews and rationales for fundamentals is a very good book.  I wish I got early on but when I did get it  was very helpful. Read the book before and after your class. Do the questions in the back of the chapter and by doing this, you get the knowledge in a very short form, get used to the questions and are ready for class.

Now you need, need, need to read every word in your text book. Yes it might sound like a drag but you really have to read every line if you want to pass therefore you have to start reading on time, from the first day of class.

Do a little bit of the questions and answer everyday when you get tired of studying. The question and answer book from FA Davis is good. It’s called fundamentals success and is arranged by chapters. Sometimes you will see questions you have done before on your exams  and they reinforce what you have learned in class and I find that people tend to remember facts in the question and answer formats book in the question than just reading from the text.

When using the prentice hall book make sure you take note of the nclex checks, they  mostly touch on safety issues which is important in nursing, a nurse who is safe will not kill clients.

Fundamentals is the one course that may get you kicked out of nursing school so take it very seriously and study like your life depends on it. Hope this helps and look out for other articles from me that will help you with answering questions in fundamentals of nursing (what you need to know).


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