Tips on How to Quit Any Addiction

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There are a few steps that you must take to try to get yourself to overcome a addiction.

Step One:  First and formost you need to really be serious about quitting. You can’t just say you wan’t to, you need a purpose for why your quitting, that can make things much easier when you feel you want to relapse back into your addiction. Think about all the pro’s and con’s of quitting. I’m sure you will find more pro’s than con’s. And get serious about it.  This is the best way to stay strong!

Step Two:  Research. You need to research the best way to quit your addiction, once you find a way that seems it might work for you set a date to start.

Step Three:  Once your going to quit you can either quit cold turkey, or you can slowly do less and less of what you are trying to quit. If you quit cold turkey you need to remember you may get withdrawals and they will hurt.

Step Four:  Once you completely stop your addiction it will become very hard to stay away from it and hard to not want to do it again. You need to stay away from others who are still doing it otherwise they might entice you back to your addiction. You may have dreams about it or cravings, but you just need to keep remembering that this will be better for the long run!

Step Five:  You need to remember everyday will be a struggle! Sometimes you’ll never feel like you past your addiction, you just have to work on it day by day. Stay strong and you can do it!

*Remember if you are suffering from a strong and dangerous addiction you should contact a professional!  It could be very dangerous for you trying to quit, and you should get some professional advice.


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