How to Work With No Closets

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Step One: First you need to go through your clothes and see if there are any you want to get rid of. If there are you can give them to good will or give them to someone who would like them or you can have a garage sale. 

Step Two: Then you should go to a store that sells xtra large, large, or medium basket(s). Choose one that is big enough to hold the amount of clothes you need to store in it.  I choose the stores that arn’t as expensive as the big retail stores.

Step Three: Organize each different types of clothing into different piles.  Keep the same type of clothing in the same basket, this way it will be easier to find the item of clothing you want more quickly when you need it.

Step Four: Find a place in the room to keep your clothing baskets. Some places that always look good are at the foot of your bed, or if the baskets are small enough, or your bed is high enough from the ground you can store them under your bed and out of sight.  If you have different sizes baskets you can always stack them on top of each other.

Step Five: The great thing about these boxes is when you move somewhere in the future that has closets you can still use them for decor or to store things that arn’t in use.

Important Tips:

*Find large enough baskets that will fit each type of clothing you have, if you have alot of clothes then get more baskets just different sizes.

* Remember when you are picking your baskets to get ones with a strong enough bottom so your clothes won’t break through the bottom .

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