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Exploring niche areas of study in singapore:

what gives singapore an edge over other foreign destinations when it comes to education?
The destination and education attributes gives Sinapore and edge over the traditional education hubs. For instance, singapores proximity to the largest generators of international student traffic, the cultural affinity, low crime rate and political stability, igh tolerence for cultural and traditional diffences, academic exellence, collectively puts singapore in a league of their own when competing for the mindshare of key decision makers.

What are the postgraduate offerings in niche areas of study?
there are postgraduate options available to cater to different disciplines and interests.Some of these niche areas of study includes arts,design and new media,tourism and hospitality,public policy and wealth management.

Business management,computing,IT, and engineering are educational disciplines popular with indian students.In recent years inclination for courses in tourism & hospitality as well as arts,design and new media has also been seen.

Singapore is fast emerging as a destination for MBA education, why is it so?

Singapore has long enjoyed a reputation for being an international centre for business and finance, and their education system is designed to support the development of key economic sectors. As a strategic launchpad for worldwide business interests to reach out to the region, accordingly, they have attracted some of the best global MBA institutional brand names such as INSEAD and the university of Chicago graduate school of business to Singapore, to complement their home-grown local institutions which offer quality MBA programmes.

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