Is there life in any other planet in out universe?

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                             Is there  life in any other planet in our Universe?          

          In spite of our advanced scientific and  technological knowledge, we are unable to know what is going on in other planets. We read reports now and then about appearance of an UFO or group of UFOs on our skies.   Where do they come from?  Are they real?   If so, why aren’t the UFO occupants trying to contact us?  Surely, they can’t be scared of us knowing that we are  no where near them as far as space travel is concerned.  Or, are all the UFOs some kind of illusion?

           Since we are novices on space travel, we have to adopt some other method to verify if someone like us live in any of the planets in our universe.  The only person who could throw some light on it is God Himself.  But we can’t talk to God so easily. So, we have to use possibly deductive logic or collect some relevant information from some  books and draw our own conclusion.  I think, the Holy Bible could guide us in this regard.

           The Bible is the only religious  treatise that talks about the origin of Man. The first book in the Bible, the Book of Genesis,  contains the details of the first Man and Woman and  how they started their life in garden of Eden.  The contents of Genesis, were  dictated by God Himself to Moses at Mount Sinai, hence it is absolutely authoritative.

           Why did God decide to create Adam from dust and Eve from one  of his ribs?

           Here is a possible theory:  Heaven is inhabited by angels.  God could produce an angel by word of mouth.  There must be millions of them in God’s abode. They are eternal and holy but are mere messengers.  Perhaps they have no thinking power of their own.  They would take orders from God and carry them out as directed.

           God  might have liked to have  another type of  being in Heaven, who would be intelligent, with analytical brain, capable of taking decisions on their own, knowing what is good and what is bad and with a different body chemistry.

          The Triune God – Father, Son and the Holy spirit evolved a blue print called “the Earth plan” according to which, God would shape the earth into a habitable planet, place on it everything  the future human beings would need,  create men and women,  make them enjoy  life, reproduce by physical union between themselves, stay on Earth for some years and then go to Heaven to live in God’s presence in Heaven along with the angels for ever. Further, the human beings would be somewhat superior to the angels. 

          Overhearing this plan was Satan.  He could have been eavesdropping too.  Satan felt totally cut up at not being included as a member of the Earth  planning council though he was the topmost angel and their representative.   In other words, he wanted to equate himself with God. Determined to sabotage God’s Earth plan, he thought of a political propaganda plan saying that God was a dictator, would tolerate no rival or even an advisor of sorts and would nip in the bud any suggestion from anyone. Several angels  agreed with Satan and fell for his platform speech.  After collecting  a few millions to his side, Satan challenged God.  And there was a war in Heaven, referred to  in the book of Revelation 12:7-9.   Satan and his angels were defeated.

             God wanted to banish  all of them from Heaven;  mavericks had no place in His House. God wanted to send the millions of  rebels including Satan to such a planet where there was no life of any kind and  where Satan and  Co  could not harm anyone. God could have had Pluto in mind, the most distant and life less planet.

            To prove to the Heaven’s population that God is a very fair  person, God could
have asked Satan to which planet he and his supporters would like to be driven to? Satan  couldn’t be cornered that easily.  Probably he had sensed that there would be no life in any other planet! What would he do in a desolate planet?.  “Send us to Earth?”  he would have said remembering that the human beings would be living there and he was all set to prevent them from walking into Heaven as its citizens.

             Shocked, God found himself in a helpless position. He had immediately perceived  Satan’s  future strategy that he would  put into action  every trick feasible to stop the future humans  from coming to Heaven after their limited life on the Earth.

              In spite of this  likelihood, God agreed to send the  mutineers to the Earth.  If God had denied Satan’s request, the enemy camp would have capitalized on it concluding that God was indeed a non -accommodating  autocrat. [By this time, God  had  already worked out an alternative methodology to bring the human beings to Heaven at any cost through a different route,  should Satan succeed in his  evil design !  Hence God’s acceptance to send Satan to Earth]

             That’s how Satan was present in garden of Eden even before God positioned Adam and Eve there.

              So, if you think there could be life in the remaining 8 planets, perish the thought.  And make no effort to verify it either  by  traveling  all the way to  the other planets for an on the spot affirmation.


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