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Hair, when exposed to chemicals and hot hair treatments has a very short life span. Similarly, hair which is combed harshly or colored and premed unreasonably, suffers severe damage. In addition, dangerous chemicals like chlorine or bleaching agents, cause increasing trouble.

Tugging at small growing hair leads to permanent bald patches on crowns, foreheads and temples. Like eyebrows plucked over and over again, become scanty, hair pulled back into tight ponies contribute to the breaking of hair. Oblivious to these facts, we ignorantly add to our own hair loss.

Within many norms of ethnic societies, long, lustrous hair is considered a crowning glory for the fairer sex but you may find many such dames spending arduous time drenching their locks in oil, braiding them for extended hours or rolling them up into tight buns. Over the years if these habits aren’t discontinued, hair begins to frizzle, thins-out and ultimately loses its vibrant texture.

Hair is made of Keratin and when you first suspect loss or thinning of hair, it is advisable to add a Muti-complex Vitamin tablet to your regular diet. Not only hair, but soft bones, week teeth, dry skin and brittle nails can all benefit from regular and daily intake of vitamin tablets, which make up for all the necessary vitamins that our body lacks.

Although many women use various oils to strengthen the roots of hair, extended use of any oil can add to hair concerns as this in turn, causes excessive buildup of dead cells or dandruff on the scalp. When oiled for prolonged hours, hair shafts and the scalp soak up some of the oil whereas extra oil clogs pores and leaves residue or dead cells on the scalp, commonly referred to dandruff.

Pulling and tugging your hair, can lead to frail and weak hair shafts and roots. Women and men alike need to practice combing their hair softly. Rough bristles of hair brushes when combed through fine or rough hair, momentarily style the hair quickly and also gives your scalp a rigorous massage. But this repeated pattern, could again lead to broken hair and an increase in split ends. It remains vital today to educate young girls on proper hair styling and hair care since the future of a ladies mane is fairly unpredictable. Stronger roots of the hair, well-maintained and looked after properly, can delay natural thinning of hair, receding hairlines and the onset of baldness.

Receding Hairlines is yet another familiar problem and not only men and women but young girls too, are victims of this dilemma. This hair issue is caused due to tight and high held ponies and braids where the hair is completely hauled back and off from the face. Frequent practice of this routine over time, leads to permanent loss of hair from the temples as short, new or growing hair is often broken due to the constant action of pulling. Nearly all young girls carry this dilemma into their adulthood, often fringing their hair to cover their large or protruding foreheads.


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