How To Monetize Your Adsense Website?

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Google adsense is a powerful mean for publishers to maximize earning by displaying simple and relevant text based ads in their website’s content pages. When visitors make click to those ads, publisher get paid. Many publishers are realizing that good money can made from this source of revenue. So, there is need to monetize your adsense website.

Publishers earning depend on the advertisers bid and they get paid vary per click. Some advertiser pay up to $50 per click, so many top performing affiliates and adult affiliates are again want to monetize their website to generate huge income stream from pay per click affiliate programs like Google Adsense.

How can you start making profits from your Adsense Websites?

1. After accessing your adsense account, you can make different size text and image ads. Choose your adsense widget and crab the java-script code.

2. Now, just paste the code above the fold or below the fold where visitor will easily see it. You can use three same adsense unit on your webpage. Make sure your adsense unit match with your website style and color.

3. Now, you are generating some extra money when visitors clicking your ads. Your earning will be shown at your at Adsense account and Remember don’t click your own ad unless it will be your last moment at Adsense.

4. View your statistics, earnings and research which ad is performing well.

Now, you have your own working adsense account, You need to drive good and qualified traffic to generate more revenue from your adsense website.

So, how will you maximize your adsense earning?

1. Choose low competitive but high search volume keywords and monetize keyword density to suit you adsense website.

2. To get listed in search engine perform social bookmarking for every pages . There are thousand of high PR social bookmarking sites that can give you massive one way backlinks to improve your search engine ranking.

3. Choose your top performing keywords and start link building for those keywords by placing signature link at forums and blogs.

4. Write some good and unique article and submit it to high PR article directories to get some link juice with google loved sites. You can post up to 2 links in any article.

5. Submit your site slowly to web directories like DMOZ. There are thousands of web directories which will give you permanent one way backlinks.

So, when this unique task will performed, you will get massive organic hits to your website and your adsense earning will be doubled.


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