Healthy PC – how?

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One of my friend, who is a network administrator claims that switching on and off a system regularly can do harm to the PC. I too agree to this. However, switching it on in the morning and switching off in the night is not going to do any harm. Do not play with your PC regularly by switching it on and off. Go through the Microsoft article Do you need to turn off your PC at night for more information in this topic.

Want to save energy? There are free tools available to save energy. One such tool is the UniBlue’s Local Cooling. It is available for free download and makes it easier for you to control the power consumption of your PC. What all you can do with this software? A few are listed here for your reference:

a)      Tool to switch off the monitor automatically

b)      Hard drives can be spin down

c)      PC can be hibernated after a specific period of time

With this tool, you can save up to 2.63 KWh of power. Amazing, isn’t it? It is understood that more than 11,000 users were benefited from this website and am proud to say that I’m one among them.

If you try to keep the inside of your PC clean, I’m sure the life span of your PC would increase. In technical terms, dust is called as Schmutz. Regularly clean the fans and the CPU’s heat sink.

How to clean the keyboard? You might work in your PC with a coffee in your hand or eating a bread sandwich. Without your knowledge, dust particles might have fallen in your keyboard. Get rid of them? But, how? Just blow a can of air. Does your keyboard have screws? If yes, remove them and unfasten the keyboard from its case. Blow the air and then fit in the screws again. For detailed instructions on how to clean a keyboard, visit Keep a Clean Keyboard written by Stan Miastkowski.

Next would be the display in our cleaning agenda. Watch this video and Keep Your Screen Clean. The way I clean my display is as follows:

a)      Use a dry, lint-free soft cloth to wipe off the LCD

b)      Do you still find some stains? If yes, use a 50-50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and clean water to remove the stains.

c)      Do not spill any liquid in to the computer when cleaning the monitor

d)     Do not close the lid before the LCD dries up

Visit “Complete PC Preventive Maintenance Guide” and learn more on the subject of cleaning your PC.


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