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These are simple steps to writing a good and acceptable term or academic paper.

General Introduction: Every academic write up must have a constructive introductory remark about the topic. It does not have to be very lengthy, it is even better if short and sensibly precise.

Historical Evolution: There is hardly any topic on earth without a history. It is very good to give an historical development of how the particular topic has evolved over time. It is advisable to avoid giving incorrect dates and names.

Types and Forms: The next step is to give a breakdown of the typologies, or in some cases, the different forms that a particular topic is known or can be achieved. An example is that of theatrical forms; it could be in dance, drama, music, or types of wood- soft, hard etc. Sometimes, it could come in the form of genre (especially literature).

Theorists and Scholars: This is an attempt to give a background support to theories and forms, through a short history of their pioneers, theorists, and scholars, who have made serious impacts in the topic. Their woks should also be stated where necessary.

Critical Analysis: This is the main body of the write up. A personal view is given on the topic, backing up your argument with the necessary definitions and quotes. It could involve picking sides, maybe for or against, or simply playing the middleman by writing for both and sting their advantages and disadvantages. This part is the soul of a project, as your personal view of topic must be strongly felt.

Hence, all definitions and quotations must be correctly written, and well referenced. References must be well represented at the end of every quote, definitions and at the end of every chapter. There are different styles, (MLA, APA and web-lography for internet contents). The formats can be seen at the last pages of textbooks and reputable journals. You should consult one.

Conclusion: For a good academic write up to be complete in every sense, it must have a good conclusion. It also does not need to be long but must express a personal review of the contents of the project.

IMPORTANT: A bibliography or total referencing of all written materials used must be compiled at the end of the paper.


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