How to trim a ferret’s nails

A ferret’s nail does grow a bit faster.

If you have a ferret in your house, then you should certainly make sure to trim nails of your ferret regularly.

A ferret’s nail could turn out to be a real headache for you, as you would notice your ferret tear out your sofas, and bed sheets. A ferret’s nail could also cause harm to your hands as you hold on to your pet ferret.

How should you trim a ferret’s nail?

Never use a human nail clipper to cut your ferret’s nail. Though, some do use a human nail clipper, it should be avoided at all costs.

A human nail clipper has a large cutting space, which if used carelessly might injure the blood vessels of your small ferret. Your ferret would then bleed.

A ferret’s nail has blood vessels which would bleed profusely if hurt, and that’s the reason probably, why human nail clippers should not be used to trim a ferret’s nail.

Before you decide to trim your ferret’s nails, buy a ferret nail clipper as your first step.

Go for a branded nail clipper, as it is more reliable and effective.

It is advised to have someone who would hold your ferret with both hands, while you prepare yourself to cut your ferret’s nail.

Never try and trim your ferret’s nail on your own.

Though you may be successful at times, but chances are that your slight negligence would hurt and injure your ferret.

Always treat your ferret with ferret biscuits or some other ferret food to engage your ferret. It’s important to engage your ferret with food, as it becomes a lot easier for you to trim your ferret’s nail.

Make sure the person who holds the ferret should use the right hand to hold the back of the neck, and the other hand should grasp the ferret from underneath, so that she doesn’t move.

Press your ferret’s leg against your lap and make it a bit straighter. Now begin to trim the nails. Hold each claw separately, and cut nails one by one.

Again, never be too harsh on your pet. If your ferret becomes uneasy and moves upside down, you should try and distract your pet’s attention by offering foods that she likes.

Start your trim again, once the ferret becomes quiet.

Do not continue to trim when your ferret is restless. You would certainly risk chances of injury to your ferret.

Collect clipped nails and throw them at a dustbin.

Trim your ferret’s nail as soon as your ferret’s nail grows longer. It could be a month’s time, or it could be lesser than that.

Cutting your pet ferret’s nail is very much a part of pet care. Never take it offhandedly.

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