Setting Up Your Workplace as a Freelance Writer

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Writers everywhere will tell us that they need to have that place where they are able to compose their works. Anyone who has worked on a freelance job will probably say that it is true for them, too. Freelance writers, too, need to have that one particular place where they are able to think and write. Perhaps it is psychological, our brain associates certain places to certain functions. But whatever the reasons may be, having a workstation is really helpful for freelance writers like me.

This workplace does not need to conform to any definition of a “workplace”. It doesn’t need to look like an office workplace. Mine is just a small table and a chair in one corner of our room. But it has everything I need as a freelance writer – desk lamp, internet router (for wi-fi connection), power outlets, a laptop stand and cooler, pens, paper, coaster for my coffee. Yes, I spent some money to set up my workstation but the mere fact that I am earning from writing just justifies the expenditure. Think of it as an investment. Now I am able to write continuously whenever I am at my desk.

For some, their workplace may be their favorite coffee shop (I have a couple, too!) while for others it may be in the park. Experiment on different places, and find that which makes you more productive. Once you’ve identified that place, you will be able to write well, and of course, earn well! So having set up your workstation, go and look for freelance writing jobs in the Philippines (try oDesk). But while at it, you might want to look elsewhere, too!

Happy freelance job hunting!


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