How to Get High Feedback Scores on Freelance Writing Jobs

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Getting high feedback scores on freelance writing jobs is actually not that hard. If you think I’m bluffing, take a look at my oDesk profile and see all my feedback from buyers. Getting consistent good feedback from buyers really helps and in this industry where everything is based on what is seen online, public feedback reports are one of the biggest leverages a freelance writer can have.

There are two key items you need to do to ensure a high feedback from your customers.

1. Produce quality articles – because “quality” is so subjective, let me make it clear that when I say quality, I mean that your output is within the specifications of your buyer, at the minimum. There are three factors usually used to determine quality:

  • comprehensiveness – output conforms to standards set out in the beginning; in this case, number of words, keywords presence, content
  • timeliness – output was submitted on time, in the manner specified

For freelance writing, the third factor is quite unique. It is:

  • originality of content – simply put, there is no plagiarism done. This you can ensure by writing each and every word you submit, and still checking your outputs with available tools such as Plagiarism Detect.

2. Relationship management – make sure that you strike some form of relationship with your buyers. Email them directly, clarify instructions when necessary, and always let them know of the status of the work. This does not mean that you have to send them a message everyday, but at least give them updates (especially when the duration of the work is quite long). Don’t expect them to answer all time, though, as buyers can be pretty busy, too.

Once you have submitted your articles, make sure to get feedback from them and take everything in stride, and thank your buyers for the feedback. Revise articles that are needed to be revised (this is common), and don’t immediately ask for payment. Unless you are quite sure that your buyer has forgotten to pay you even though you have completed the job, do not ask for payment. Decent buyers will pay you without prodding.

There are many freelance writing jobs in the Philippines or elsewhere, so make sure that you build a robust profile online.

Happy freelance job hunting!


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