How Long Does it Take to Get Your First Freelance Writing Job?

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Not long, if you ask me.

It took me less than a month to land my first freelance writing job in oDesk which amounted to $50. Up to this day, I still get regular (almost weekly) “orders” from this buyer.

I’m sure that each and every freelance writer in the world will have his/her experience of how long it took to get that elusive first freelance job. But it will happen, believe me. As long as you persist, you will get freelance writing jobs (in the Philippines or otherwise), and once it’s started, it will continuously come.That last sentence is pretty interesting but please don’t ignore the first phrase: AS LONG AS YOU PERSIST.

Applying for freelance jobs is just like applying for a real job – the same rules apply:

  • you need to make sure that you are qualified
  • you need to make a good impression
  • you need to be competitive

People may have varying thoughts on whether it is good to apply to one job or a hundred at a time, but personally, I’d recommend applying to as many jobs as you can until you land that first freelance writing job. When you do, make sure that you give it your 200% effort – not only should you make sure that you have done it well, but also you need to review, proofread and edit it (as necessary) before submitting.

Keep applying to jobs online, keeping in mind the three pointers I have mentioned and in no time, you will find yourself with a steady flow of freelance jobs.

Happy freelance job hunting!


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