Are There Many Freelance Writing Jobs in the Philippines?

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YES, there are many freelance writing jobs in the Philippines. The trick is on how to find them.

Personally, I only had a buyer from the Philippines once. But I would still say that there are many freelance writing jobs in the Philippines. Simply because freelance jobs are usually found online, where location is not a very big restriction. True, sometimes buyers specify where they want the provider to come from and it can be due to any or all of the following reasons:

  • copyright laws, taxes and other similar regulations
  • impressions they have of that particular country
  • proximity – they might need to physically send some material from time to time
  • familiarity with spoken language (the slangs, the street talk, the “lingo”)
  • familiarity of the locality (usually real estate)
  • any other reason or whim

Even with those reasons, there are thousands (perhaps millions!) of freelance writing jobs in the Philippines, and they can usually be found on the web. But instead of searching for that exact term, you should instead search for “freelance jobs” or “freelance writing jobs” and just check if they have restrictions or specifications on locations. More often, buyers will not be concerned where the provider is located, particularly for writing jobs.

Here are some sites that you can try on – they have a big need for freelance writers.

Happy freelance job hunting!


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